Towne Club Wins Championship By Forfeit

Towne Club became the Park League baseball champion last night after Conley refused to take the field, thereby forfeiting Game 4 of the teams’ best-of-seven series.

Game 3 on Thursday night also was decided by forfeit, Towne Club getting the win when Conley used an ineligible player – designated hitter Jeff Clinton, who batted once in the game. Conley went on to a 6-4 victory, which was later reversed when Towne Club manager Skip Landry took issue with Clinton’s appearance in the game. Park League playoff rules prohibit the use of a player who has not played in at least 11 regular-season games.

The Conley team refused to take the field for last night’s game after being informed that use of Clinton would result in another forfeit.

“Dick Conley (the team manager) was informed on Aug. 5 that Clinton was ineligible for the playoffs,” said Park League president Leo Casey. “He was told by commissioner Hal Kallenberg and umpire- in-chief Billy Stewart that Clinton hadn’t played in enough games. He said he didn’t plan on using the kid. Why he played him I don’t know. This is a dismal ending to a great season.”

Conley could not be reached for comment last night.

Clinton did not play in Conley’s semifinal series with Triple D’s or in the first two games of the championship series – 10-8 and 7-6 Towne Club wins.

“It’s a real shame the series had to be decided this way,” said Towne Club manager Landry. “I guess we’re the champs.”

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