Boston Park League Hall of Fame Class of 2021
2021 TJO Sports - Boston Park League Champions

TJO Sports - 2021 Champions!

2020 Park League Champs – Boston Athletics

Boston Athletics - 2020 Champions!

2019 Boston Park League Champions – ADSL

ADSL - 2019 Champions!

ADSL - 2018 Boston Park League Champions

ADSL - 2018 Champions!

TJO Sports - 2017 Boston Park League Champions

TJO Sports - 2017 Champions!

Towne Club - 2016 Boston Park League Champions.

Towne Club - 2016 Champions!

2015 Palmer Club - Boston Park League Champions

Palmer Club - 2015 Champions!

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Palmer Club - 2014 Champions!

Yawkey Foundation

The Yawkey Foundation (found on Twitter at @yawkeyfdns) is proud to support the Boston Park League, perpetuating a legacy of love for baseball and everything that the good of the game provides to players and fans in communities across Boston. View Photos from the 2021 BPL Hall of Fame Dinner!

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The Boston Park League is the oldest amateur baseball league in the United States, founded in 1929. We hope you’ll join us on the ballfields, whether as a player, manager, or one of the thousands of spectators who’s watched Park League games for 88 years.

Did you know?

  • Ted Williams (1946) and Mark McGwire (1984) hit home runs in Boston Park League exhibitions games.
  • The Leverett Connector & Tobin Bridge are named after Gov. Leverett Saltonstall & Mayor Tobin. In 1941, they pitched vs. each other.
  • In 1973, the BPL introduced the designated hitter rule to amateur ball. This was such big news, that CBS TV in New York came to cover it.
  • Local media used to refer to the Boston Park League as the “Park Loop.”
  • While the Park League began play in 1929, it did not play under lights until 1961.
  • BPL Vice President Franz Strassmann has appeared in many movies, including The Box with Cameron Diaz, and as a Gotham City police officer in Dark Knight Rises. Shockingly, he hasn’t appeared in any baseball movies yet.