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BPL President Walter Bentson Stars in ‘The 100th Inning’ Movie

‘The 100th Inning’ documentary spotlights Walter Bentson’s pivotal role in the Boston Park League and the deep commitment of its players in the enduring fight against ALS. Now streaming on Amazon.

For decades, Walter Bentson has been the lifeblood of the Boston Park League, tirelessly committed to America’s oldest amateur baseball league. During that time, he’s maintained traditions and championed initiatives close to his heart – including the 100 Innings of Baseball for ALS.

As the president of the Boston Park League and a dedicated umpire chief, his leadership has been instrumental in not only cultivating a rich baseball legacy but also in driving awareness for causes beyond the diamond.

Today, we shine a light on a remarkable documentary titled “The 100th Inning” and the legacy of the amateur baseball players who have supported this game through their efforts to this extraordinary cause.

Chief umpire Walter Bentson got a little assist on his way to the plate.
Chief umpire Walter Bentson got a little assist on his way to the plate.

The Spirit of Boston Baseball: A Tribute Beyond The Field

In the heart of Boston, a city renowned for its fervor for baseball, there exists a narrative that goes beyond championship pursuits and celebrated athletes. “The 100th Inning” isn’t merely a tale of baseball; it symbolizes the intersection of grit, determination, and heart.

Set at Adam’s Field in Quincy, Mass, this documentary beautifully encapsulates the city’s undying passion for baseball, while pivoting its attention to the fight against ALS. The film stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of individuals, particularly Walter Bentson and numerous local players, who are united in their dedication to a noble cause.

Over the years, dozens of Park League baseball players have taken the field in the world’s longest baseball game, the 100 Innings of Baseball event. Their dedication goes beyond scores and stats; it’s about representing the very soul of Boston. From late-night pitches in the dark to the overwhelming exhaustion that players feel as dawn approaches, every inning reflects their unwavering commitment to the cause.

Walter Bentson’s unyielding involvement and the tireless efforts of many Park League players make this game an embodiment of passion, unity, and shared purpose.

Bentson, 68, who has a less aggressive form of ALS, called balls and strikes for one hitter at midnight.
Bentson, 68, who has a less aggressive form of ALS, called balls and strikes for one hitter at midnight.

The 100th Inning: Now Streaming on Amazon

Produced and directed by Alex Koppelman, “The 100th Inning” captures raw emotions, personal stories, and the indomitable spirit of the Boston baseball community.

From Walter Bentson’s invaluable contributions as the umpire chief to the poignant tales of local players, the film stands as a testament to community, resilience, and the collective drive to champion a cause. Now available for streaming on Amazon, this documentary not only immortalizes the remarkable journey of Boston’s baseball players but also serves as an inspiration for many to rally behind worthy causes, on and off the field.

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Walter Bentson in The 100th Inning Movie

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