Park League Planning Clinics

The Boston Park League owns the national record for longevity of sandlot baseball leagues and is taking steps to prolong the mark.

The league, which opens its 52d consecutive season with four games tomorrow, is planning a series of clinics for teen-aged players, many of whom may eventually play in the league.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to keep baseball interest in the city alive, especially among the young fellows,” said John Kelliher, the general manager of the Mass. Envelope entry and a man who has been involved in the Park League for more than three decades.

“We are fortunate,” Kelliher added, “to have right within our own ranks, Harvey Krupnick, a man who is a true professional at conducting clinics and he is going to direct this operation.”

Krupnick, who plays around 25 or 30 games each season for Mass. Envelope, is a former Detroit Tigers farmhand. He has been employed as a batting coach in schools directed by major league players and teaches and coaches at Holliston High.

There will also be several clinics directed by Billy Mahoney, who runs Boston University’s non-varsity baseball program and has managed a Park League entry for several years. The clinics will have cooperation from the city’s Parks and Recreation Dept.

“We are no longer able to do as much for the league as we formerly didbecause of the money situation, but we are happy to be able to provide the fields in good condition for these clinics, which we think are a splendid idea,” said Dorothy Curran, Parks Dept. recreation director.

The Park League is going back to playing more games under the lights this season even though it will mean added expenses for the teams.

“The managers and the sponsors have agreed that it is worth the gamble,” said league secretary-treasurer Harvey Looman.

For the first time in years, there will be nine entries; four teams will qualify for the playoffs in late July or early August.

The Triple D’s of Jamaica Plain, managed by Leo Casey, are the defending champions on the strength of their startling four games to one triumph over Great Scott of Brighton in last year’s playoff finals.

Besides Triple D’s and Great Scott, other entries are Mass. Envelope, the Dick Conley club, Hyde Park Sports, Savin Hill, Lynwood Ale, Larkin Publishing and Meeting House Hill.

Copyright © 1982 Boston Globe, all rights reserved. Written by Art Ballou.

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