John Casey, Tufts

Park League Inducts Casey Into Its Hall

John Casey, who grew up in Jamaica Plain and has been head baseball coach at Tufts University in Somerville since 1984, was inducted this month into the Boston Park League Hall of Fame. The league is the oldest amateur baseball league in the country. Casey was considered one of its top players in the 1980s and one of its best umpires in the 1990s. He has continued his support of the league since retiring from the diamond. Read more

Triple D’s Prevent Sweep, 14-4; Seven-Run First Staves Off Mass. Envelope In Park League Final

Pitcher John Casey had just beaten Mass. Envelope, 14-4, last night to keep Triple D’s alive in the Park League playoff finals, and he had looked good doing it.

Well, he looked good if you excluded the four triples he gave up.

And the seven-run lead his teammates gave him after the first inning.

And a fastball that wouldn’t draw a speeding ticket from an Alabama state trooper.

“That’s what happens when you lose your fastball after three innings. You pitch and duck,” Casey said. “What the hell, you either win or lose, and if we beat them every inning we’re not going to lose the game.” Read more