Saltonstall-Tobin Opposing Hurlers In State-City Baseball Battle Today

Although election time is far distant, there will be a heated political battle staged this afternoon at Fenway Park. It won’t be in the form of an oratorical set-to. Rather, it will be a diamond engagement between the state and city officials and those present will see Gov. Saltonstall pitching for the Staters and Mayor Tobin hurling for the City Hall Bombers.

These opposing aces had the Leverett Connector and Tobin Bridge named after them. Read more

Boston’s 23,000 Sandlotters

Boston Park Department Conducts Leagues for Players Who Range in Age From 12 to 50 Each Year–They Play Under Major Circuit Regulations–Midgets Receive Sound Advice From Former Stars and Ace Umpires–“Old Timers” Go From Twilight Contests Into Softball.

When the sandlot season opened at Gibson Field, Dorchester, there was a band concert and a parade to the flagpole for the pennant raising. Boston is more formal about its sandlot baseball than any other city in the country, and well it may be. Read more

30,000 Fans Jam Hub Ballyards to Watch Park Teams in Flag Bid

Two upsets were recorded in the opening round playoffs last night in the Boston Park League when upwards of 30,000 fans jammed, four municipal ball parks to witness initial bids for the 1940 twi pennant. For perspective, the Boston Red Sox drew 29,209 that same night.

Walter Mortimer pitched superbly for St. Catherine, allowing but four Navy Yard A.A. hits while striking out five sailors. Read more

Casey Club Drubs St. Augustine Nine

St. Alphonsus Scores 10-0 Win Over Crosbys.

Nearly 40,000 twi baseball fans flocked to municipal ball parks last night for the opening round of five games in the 1940 Boston Park League pennant drives. One of the largest crowds recorded in twi baseball, 12,000 persons watched Johnny Wedemeyer on the Dick Casey Club. Read more