Tourney of Champions MA 2017

The Tournament of Champions 2017

The defending champions of the Boston Park League, North Shore Baseball League, Central New England Baseball Association, Cranberry Baseball League, Yawkey Baseball League and Intercity Baseball League will compete in a single elimination tournament to kick off the 2017 season.Teams have been seeded based on their 2016 winning percentage.

Round 1: Friday, May 19, 8:00PM

#6 Towne Club 21-10-1 (0.672) vs #1 Beverly Rec’s 19-5 (0.792)

#5 Bourne Mariners 20-9-1 (0.683) vs #2 Somerville Alibrandi’s 25-7 (0.781)

#4 Lunenberg Phillies 20-9-1 (0.683) vs #3 Lexington Blue Sox 19-8-1 (0.696)

Round 2: Saturday, May 20, 1:00PM

The team with the best run differential from the first game or the remaining team with the best 2016 record will get a bye.  The other two teams play at higher seeds home field.

Championship Round:  Sunday, May 21, 1:00PM

The highest remaining seed is home team.

  • Where: The higher seed would be the home team
  • When: May 19th, 20th, and 21st.   The 2nd round bye can be determined by a coin flip or total runs scored (or any other tie breaker we agree on).
  • Why: To determine a MA State Champion.
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