Dick Paster, Designated Hitter

America’s First DH in Amateur Baseball

In May of 1973, the Dick Conley Club of West Roxbury and the Supreme Saints faced off in the Boston Park League opener. But this was no opener to take sitting down.

On this particular Monday night at Roslindale’s Fallon Field, the Park League introduced the designated hitter to sandlot baseball. Dick Paster didn’t get to play the field this day. But his at bats were historic. Read more

On And Off Field, Paster Goes To Bat For Park League

You label attorney Dick Paster a “lobbyist” and he will smilingly agree-provided you make it clear his lobbying is done on a voluntary basis in the interests of the Boston Park League. Read more

CBS To Film Park Opener

The Park League will introduce the designated hitter to sandlot baseball this season, a milestone that will bring a CBS TV crew from New York to record the histrionics. Read more