Blast From the Past – Remembering Tom Bilodeau Jr.

Tom Bilodeau Jr. passed away in October of 2017. Tommy had joined the Boston Park League Hall of Fame in 1988. Shown are Park League Leaders from the Supreme Saints and Herb Connolly Club, as their bats crossed before a game at Dorchester Town Field. Left to right, Supreme player-manager Walt Mortimer and his brother, Capt. Skip Mortimer with Connolly Capt. Tommy Bilodeau and manager Jack Kelliher.

Park League Leaders

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  1. Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas says:

    As a young man (10?) I did have pleasure of seeing Walt hit a ball out of Kelly field one night. Same night, saw Mike Donato, as a hitter and be razzed by fans in stands and wondered if I could ever play in ‘tough’ Park League as it seemed to be beyond me.

    When I told Mort this story a month ago at his daughter’ wake, he typically deferred all compliments and raved about Mike’s ability as a ball player…way above his he would say.

    My one regret was never having seen Tom Bilodeau play baseball or football. I had pleasure of playing with his ‘little’ brother, Tim, at Harvard (4 years) and 2 years in BPL with Billy Mahoney’s Kelly Club…

    These memories are dearer now than ever before and as I write I want all to know that Walt Mortimer is/was/always will be an English High School (1954) ‘Man of Honor and Achievement’…someone one all EHS alums should be proud of! I know I am.

    Thanks Walt.

    Mike Thomas, EHS’67, BPL HOF 2014.


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