Park League Comes Out Swinging

The storms that the 51-year-old Boston Park League has weathered over the years were mere squalls compared to the ravages of Proposition 2 1/2 , but that doesn’t mean that the ship is about to go under.

Far from it. The truth is that everybody connected with the league is determined to keep it alive, and the air of optimism comes as a pleasant surprise to Park Department officials whose lot it was to divulge unpleasant tidings.

“We want the league to survive,” said Dorothy Curran, Parks Dept. recreation director. “We regret that we cannot help as we did in the past, but we do have the playing fields, plenty of them. It will be up to the teams to pay their own way. It’s as simple as that.”

There are two major differences between this year’s operation and the procedure of previous years. In order for the league to function, the teams must now assume the costs of paying the umpires and they will also be assessed a “users fee” to cover maintenance expenses.

In the past, the city has taken care of the fields and paid the officials in all sports. Read more