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ADSL - 2018 Boston Park League Champions

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2015 Palmer Club - Boston Park League Champions

Palmer Club - 2015 Champions!

The Boston Park League is the oldest amateur baseball league in the United States, founded in 1929. We hope you’ll join us on the ballfields, whether as a player, manager, or one of the thousands of spectators who’s watched Park League games for 88 years.

Did you know?

        • Ted Williams (1946) and Mark McGwire (1984) hit home runs in Boston Park League exhibitions games.


        • The Leverett Connector & Tobin Bridge are named after Gov. Leverett Saltonstall & Mayor Tobin. In 1941, they pitched vs. each other.


        • In 1973, the BPL introduced the designated hitter rule to amateur ball. This was such big news, that CBS TV in New York came to cover it.


        • Local media used to refer to the Boston Park League as the “Park Loop.”


        • While the Park League began play in 1929, it did not play under lights until 1961.